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Resource Industry Media would like to thank our sponsors for their contribution and participation in the Connecting Industry Conference 2020.

Jobs In Central Queensland is the brand new online platform for local jobs and careers in the Central Queensland region, including the major centres of Gladstone, Rockhampton and Mackay.  We help local businesses, local workers and local service-providers connect, network and forge fruitful relationships.  In doing so, we help strengthen the resilience and prosperity of the region that we serve – Central Queensland.  If you’re an employer or recruiter, with job opportunities in the Central Queensland region:

  • You can register and create your Employer Profile for free.
  • Due to our LinkedIn integration you can login using your LinkedIn account.
  • You can connect with the local workforce via one of our high exposure Job Ad Campaigns, which you can keep live for up to 6 weeks (42 days), that’s 12 more days than most other recruitment websites.
  • Your job vacancy will be highlighted to jobseekers who live close by, via our new interactive Local Jobs Map.
  • We automatically feed employers’ jobs into the Google job search index, so jobs can appear directly in Google Search results. This new upgrade to our service has the effect of greatly increasing the reach and exposure of your Job Ad Campaigns, across multiple relevant online platforms and social media, connecting you to many more relevant jobseekers, looking for Central Queensland jobs.
  • You may also wish to promote your business to our audience of both Active and Passive Job Seekers as a Featured Employer, which also gives you access to highly discounted Job Ad Campaigns.
  • You can browse the skills and experience of potential employees with an Access to Job Seeker Profiles package (coming soon).

Fosroc is a world leader in construction solutions. Since the company’s beginnings over 80 years ago, Fosroc has developed into an international leader in delivering construction solutions for virtually any building or infrastructure project.  New or old construction, above or below ground, we combine high quality products, expert technical support, customer service and innovation to deliver a tailored solution for your project.  Fosroc offer solutions for; new & old concrete repair, grouts & anchors, waterproofing, joint fillers & sealants, industrial flooring, protective coatings, surface treatments, concrete admixtures and grinding aids.

Almost every organisation wants to improve operational performance and enhance the engagement of its people.  Frustratingly, however, for many organisations, their efforts to improve safety are not only failing to have the desired impact but are also hampering operational performance and decreasing engagement.  It has been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result. Are you ready to try something different?  Southpac International can help your organisation move off the plateau of performance, improve safety while also simultaneously improving across all your other key objectives.

We achieve this by focusing on three core areas;

  1. Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) – An operating philosophy for the modern age that see’s people as the solution.
  2. Management Systems – Structured and designed to support and enable high performance and increase the chances of success.
  3. Leadership – Mature leadership approaches that move the focus from unrealistic heroic leadership to a more supportive and enabling style.

Southpac Certifications

Management Systems Certification with a difference. Are you tired of the same old audits, following the same old checklist coming up with the same old conclusions?  I don’t know about you but we are fairly over the tick and flick approach, doing the bare minimum to put certificates on the wall.  Quite frankly I think most organisations are getting tired of paying over the odds for those ticks.

At Southpac Certifications, we believe in doing things differently.  It’s for that reason that we take a new approach to certification.  When your organisation is audited by Southpac Certifications, you will be assigned Lead Auditors, dedicated to Assurance, dedicated to Improvement.  They will work with your personnel as a team to provide assurance that your systems are not just compliant, but actually implemented and working for the associated stakeholders.

We want to see you be successful.  We want you to see that effective management systems are a key enabler of that success and working with the right certification body can drive material improvements in performance and system resilience and reliability.

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exploring the latest procurement opportunities

The Connecting Industry Conference gives you access to more than $15B of procurement opportunities within Queensland’s resource and construction sector without leaving the office. 

Delivered across the ZOOM video platform in Webinar and Meeting style format, the Connecting Industry Conference and Event App allows you to network with presenting projects, speakers, delegates and sponsors, to build relationships and connect your business to success.